About Us

Cyclone Shipping provides full loads (FCL) and less than container loads (LCL). We also provide heavy-haul domestic trucking including over dimensional cargo (ODC).

Founded in 2011 by Eric Bailey, a former U.S. Merchant Marine, port terminal manager, reefer and project cargo handler, and oversize cargo specialist, Cyclone Shipping is a hands-on company that knows the little things that only those who have worked in the trenches can know.

Specialists in international import/export freight forwarding services of high-density cargo such as dried fruits and nuts.

Getting your cargo from point A to Point B safely, smoothly, and on time—when things go as expected and when they don’t.


Cyclone Shipping specializes in international import/export freight forwarding services of high-density cargo such as dried fruits and nuts.

International Import/Export
By focusing on the details, Cyclone Shipping ensures your cargo departs, travels, and arrives as smoothly as possible. Since our bookings are made with carriers based on actual transit times, space, equipment availability, and cost, you comfortably know that your cargo will make it to its destination on time and on budget.

Heavy-Haul Trucking
Owning a fleet of tri-axle chassis and pre-positioning them during peak times of the year allows us to stay flexible, reliable, and cost-efficient. We can accommodate your warehouse hours of operation; significantly reduce demurrage, detention, and terminal flip charges; and eliminate chassis shortage issues.

Cyclone Shipping vision is to be the nation’s foremost transporter of dried fruits and nuts.


We are 100% focused on completing a job, no matter the obstacles or challenges that occur.


We are honest with ourselves and our clients when it comes to everything we say and do.


Shipping’s a complex process, but we will make it simple by thoroughly handling all of the details for our clients.

Client Focused

At the end of the day, it is about exceeding a client’s expectations.



Along with our staff of 9, we are eager to complete your supply chain shipments.

Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey


With unparalleled experience in shipping and logistics, Eric provides solutions that are unrivaled in the industry.

“I built the Cyclone Shipping processes with the customer in mind. Because of this, we have many satisfied customers”.


Supply Chain Manager and Broker

With an eye for detail, Amber is a master for getting things done.

“It is the little things that matter. By focusing on the details, I make sure everything is done right.”
Brittany Grant

Brittany Grant

Export/Import Account Coordinator

Brittany cares for our client’s cargo like it is her own. Her passion and work ethic reflects this mindset.

“The cargo is not just some tangible item. It represents someones’ hard work and livelihood.”


Export Forwarding

We handle everything, so you don’t need to worry. From pick-up to delivery, Cyclone Shipping provides a custom, personalized experience making the movement of your cargo easy and hassle-free.


Marine insurance

Having the correct insurance is important. We will write and obtain the appropriate insurance for your specific cargo needs and the true value.


Certificate of Origins

We prepare and certify your Certificate of Origin so that it accurately matches the rest of your cargo’s documentation.


Customs Clearance

By working with the ocean carrier and custom brokers we make sure your cargo clears U.S. Customs smoothly and without delay.


Heavy-Haul Trucking

Owning a fleet of tri-axle chassis allows us to stay flexible, reliable and cost-efficient.


Consular Service

Each nation has a different legalization process for incoming goods, which may or may not include working with their U.S. embassy or consulate. We will help you get through these sometimes challenging and unique set of requirements.


Gate Fee Service

With ports and terminals each having their own unique fees, we will guide you in determining if and when you will need to pay these additional charges.